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Sons of Anarchy Actor Ryan Hurst Really Wants to Play The Sentry in the MCU

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From playing roles in Saving Private Ryan, Remember the Titans, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead, actor Ryan Hurst has been involved in many popular projects throughout the years. Recently on his personal Instagram page named "@rambodonkeykong", the actor expressed his interest in playing a role of a particular Marvel character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). That Marvel character Ryan Hurst had spoke about on Instagram was none other than Robert Reynolds AKA the Sentry. You can check out Ryan Hurst's Instagram post below.

"Alright. Okay. Yeah. I'm very often asked if I would like to play a character from a comic book? Yes. Who? I didn't know for a while. Such a fan of so many, but yeah. Dude with troubled past, super powers equal/greater to SUPERMAN and Thor combined...and talks to dogs. I'm putting this out there. This dude. I'd like to play. Do your thing Insta."

Once Ryan Hurst had made his initial post on his Instagram page, fans immediately praised the idea in hopes that Marvel Studios were make this happen as soon as possible. A fan made poster of Ryan Hurst as the Sentry was even created within the first few hours since the announcement, where then Hurst revealed the poster in a separate Instagram post. It is currently unknown who exactly created the epic fan art, but it definitely seems to be the first of many more to come. You can check out Ryan Hurst's second Instagram post below.

The Sentry made his first appearance in the Marvel Comics in The Sentry #1 in September 2000. The character was created by Paul Jenkins, Rick Veitch, and Jae Lee. In the late 1990s, Paul Jenkins and Rick Veitch developed the idea of "an over the hill guy, struggling with an addiction, who had a tight relationship with his dog". Paul Jenkins thought of the character as "a guardian type, with a watchtower", and also came up with the name "Sentry" after previously considering naming the superhero "Centurion". After years of development the character was finally introduced into the Marvel Universe.

In the Marvel Comics, Canada's Department K along with remnants of the United States' Operation: Rebirth pooled their resources to become Project: Sentry in the year of 1947. The project was an attempt to not only recreate the Super Soldier Serum (originally used by Captain America), but to also magnify its effects one hundred thousand times over. In the following thirty years since its initial development, Project: Sentry had been divided into nearly a thousand isolated sub-projects, with the lab work being studied by private contractors. As another ten years went by, Robert "Bob" Reynolds, who was a meth addict at the time, broke into on of the laboratories where he then discovered the Golden Sentry Serum all for himself. Once he had consumed the serum, Robert Reynolds gained the power of a million exploding suns.

Although the Sentry exact abilities, and their limits are currently unknown, the character has shown portions of his powers which consists of super strength, superhuman senses, flight, regeneration, immortality, energy manipulation, telekinesis, super speed, mind control, invisibility, and many others he had performed in the Marvel Comics. The Sentry generally holds back his powers, greatly restraining his full might. There is also an entity as a dark side effect of his abilities known as the Void. It has been speculated that for every benevolent act that the Sentry performs, the Void corresponds with attempting an act of malevolence. The Void exhibits more of a demonic form, capable of killing Thor while destroying the entire city of Asgard.

With Marvel Studios having yet to introduce the Sentry in the MCU, many fans are now hoping that Ryan Hurst will take on the role in a future film. While there has been no other announcements or indications that the Sentry will be making his first appearance anytime soon, it is only a matter of time until some sort of details are revealed. Just recently, director James Gunn confirmed that Will Poulter will be taking on the role of Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. What are your thoughts about seeing Ryan Hurst as the Sentry in the MCU?