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Marvel Planning Sentry Movie with Walking Dead Star?

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Marvel Studios has barely kicked off Phase 3 of their cinematic universe with Captain America: Civil War, but that doesn't mean they aren't already planning for the future. Very little is known about what Marvel will be doing in Phase 4, but we may have just received a kind of major hint. Thanks to actor Justin Kucsulain, it looks like Marvel may be flirting with bringing a Sentry movie to the screen in the future.

The actor recently took to his Instagram to tease what might be his involvement in the project. Kucsulain posted a photo of himself from Emerald City Comics, in which, he is holding up several Sentry comics and an action figure of the character. He included the caption "Gathered some amazing reading material today," which was followed by a winking face. That winking face is oddly what makes this a little more than just a semi unknown actor shopping for comics.

We know that Kevin Feige and his creative team at Marvel like to plan very far ahead, but they also aren't opposed to altering those plans, depending on what happens in the moment. That is how Spider-Man: Homecoming came to be on the Phase 3 schedule, following the deal with Sony, and why the studio made room for Ant-Man and The Wasp as well. That being said, this is not the first we have heard of a potential Sentry movie in the future.

Granted, it could have just been total BS, but a little while back a Reddit post surfaced that detailed an alleged Marvel Phase 4 plan, which included a potential Sentry movie in 2023. If we are reading into Justin Kucsulain's post as an implication that he is flirting with the role for Marvel, we can only assume that he would be appearing in a movie before his alleged solo movie seven years from now. We're definitely grasping at straws here, but teases like this often come before similar types of huge announcements. Oddly enough, Kucsulain had an uncredited role as a guard in Iron Man 3, so he has some form of relationship with Marvel, albeit a small one.

For those who may not know, Sentry is a character that rivals Superman in terms of his power, which is described as the "power of one million exploding suns." He first appeared in a Marvel Knights miniseries written by Paul Jenkins in 2000. He was also part of the Dark Avengers for a bit and has showed up in some other Marvel comics. One of his most character defining appearances was in the World War Hulk storyline, which serves as a follow up to Planet Hulk, in which Sentry has to stop Hulk from destroying New York City in a fit of revenge for his exile. Sentry, or Robert Reynolds, is a very dark character, who has very serious hesitation about unleashing his power. He could make for a very solid addition to the lineup down the road.

In terms of how Sentry could fit in, again purely speculative, but Thor: Ragnarok is going to loosely adapt Planet Hulk. Perhaps in Avengers: Infinity War, Sentry could be brought in upon Hulk's return to Earth. That would at least fit what happened in the comics, and then the character could eventually be set up for a solo movie. We have no idea, but if Kucsulain is to be believed, the idea of Sentry joining The Avengers is at least being floated around, maybe.